This is the independent RP blog for Matt Jeevas of Death Note.

M!A Status: NONE

Relationship Status: (You offering?)

Ships with the following:Mello (can't get enough of them), Near, Mikami, Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji), and OCs!

You wanna RP? Of course you do just note I can be NSFW which means smut and kink is encouraged. So don't be shy and visit my ask or sumbit a starter in my 'cheat codes'.

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I track tag: mattmjeevas

Note from the Muse: Actually this blog is supposed to be Yaoi only. But I have made an exception for a few really cute girls who have caught my eye. So for now I'll keep it at that. When female muses are once again being accepted I'll let you know. (Please check RP Status & Schedule for more info on this.)

Thanks, Matt J.

PS. All of the gifs or pics are made by talented others. If I made it I'll let you know.


me before a social situation: they're gonna hate me they'll think i'm annoying they are going to judge me i am going to fuck this up so bad they'll never wanna speak to me again i am a terrible person this will go terribly

me during a social situation: huh this isn't that bad

me after a social situation: they hated me they thought i was annoying they were judging me i fucked that up so bad they never wanna speak to me again i am a terrible person that went terribly

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